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Beautiful, extra-large dried thistle (teasel) flowers in natural coloring!
Product Details (approximations):

- Large Heads (2" to 3.5")

- 10 Stems (generally 1 flower per stem) 16-24" tall

- Height: 16-30 inches (can easily be trimmed down to desired length upon arrival)

- Thistle Size: 2.5 to 3.5 inches

- One thistle flower per stem

- Vase-Life: Years

- Pictured = approx. 25 thistle flowers * De-Thorned! (picture shows before de-thorning.). Should still be handled with care.


Additional Product Details:

- Product of Mother Nature. Each flower and stem will vary in shape, size, and color.

- Relatively delicate. Open package carefully and handle with care.

- Dried - should not be placed in water.

Dried Teasel - Thistle Flower Bunch - X-Large, Natural Brown Beige

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