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16oz (16-24st/bn) Large Voluminous Stems: 16-28" tall

Grown + Preserved in USA - premium quality, not imported quality!

(Pictured = 8oz bunch)


Ideal for incorporating into garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets, and other floral designs or as home decor. Leaves generally have enhanced veination pattern, adding additional dimension aesthetic to the branches.

100% Real Eucalyptus

100% Waterless

Lasts for 1+ years Dyed

Care Instructions:


-  Product of Mother Nature. Each stem, bunch, and processing batch is unique and will vary in all characteristics (shape, size, color, scent, weight, volume, natural and seasonal and processing blemishes, etc.).

- Affected by high humidity, direct sunlight, and water.

- Handle with care. Some shedding and breakage is natural and should be expected.

- Approximations provided. Flower Foliage Greenery Filler Wedding Bridal Event Florist Boho Rustic Holiday Gift Retail Faux Artificial Basil

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - 16oz. Bunch - Sage Green Veinated

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